Header that says remarkably deliciousThree bags of popcorn in front of mountains
Savory (Olive Oil & Nutritional Yeast)
Cheesy, savory and perfectly salty
Sichuan Chili
The bullseye of Sweet + Salty + Spicy
With more on the way…
Fresh and memorable flavors you can only get here.
Header that says Find It Near YouMap of north lake and truckee
Alibi Public House Truckee
This popcorn was born for beer
Bear Belly Brewing
Delicious beer and an amazing brewery dog
Glenshire General Store
Everything you need… for Après!
Truckee Food Hub
Making local ingredients happen
West Shore Market
Purveyors of the highest quality
Z Marketplace
The definition of convenience + selection
Objectively the best shops and breweries in town.
Header that says Not just made here, grown hereImage of Pleasant Grover Farms
We are beyond proud to use organic kernels from Pleasant Grove Farms, a family-owned farm with regenerative practices less than 100 miles from Truckee.

This is just the start. We seek to bring our ingredients and packaging as close to Truckee-Tahoe as possible, reducing the total number of miles it takes to get the finished product to you. This approach significantly reduces our environmental impact by minimizing transportation emissions, strengthens our local economy, and ensure freshness and quality. Transparently, finding packaging that is sustainable and keeps popcorn fresh for even a day is challenging. While we get huge wins from sourcing nearby, we’ll continue to innovate on packaging. Watch this space!

Image of Daniel as young kid with popcorn and as an adult at Apres Pop's first eventImage of Daniel as a kid with popcorn and as an adult at Apres Pop's first event

About Après Pop

It was some time after bringing an air popper to the office and using it almost every afternoon for weeks that I started to get a reputation at work. I decided to embrace it though, having a grown up in a house where my dad ate enough popcorn to warrant buying kernels in 50 pound bags. There are so many flavors I love to make at home that I think bring out the best in popcorn but aren’t available in stores. So I decided to change that!

Up there with popcorn on my list of favorite things in life is that light-hearted moment with friends when you’ve just finished a fun activity, but the evening still remains ahead of you. Whether it’s an actual après ski or following some other adventure; whether at the resort, the trailhead or at home, après is a perfect in-between moment and popcorn is just the snack for the moment. It’s shareable, it won’t fill you up, and it happens to go quite well with a beer!

My goal is to make a snack that Tahoe can be proud of. To me that means it’s delicious, it uses whole and quality ingredients, and it’s produced in a sustainable way that is fitting of our incredible mountain home.

- Daniel

Any friend of popcorn is a friend of mine

If you have any questions, thoughts or are interested in carrying Après Pop, I do hope you’ll reach out.
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Thank you!

A lot of folks have offered some amazing support and I wanted to share my appreciation. Our local SBDC offers some amazing small business resources.  The Lift is a great place to work, a real nexus of our community, and helped me run a pilot program. Most of all thank you to the incredible taste testers who gave me invaluable feedback, many of whom are my neighbors. There will be more popcorn coming your way!